Becoming a Swim Official or Re-certifying

To become a Swim Officials or to renew your certification (every three years), you must complete the following:

  1. Attend an appropriate Swim Officials training class: Level I, Level II, or Admin Official by registering on the LCDC training site and selecting the class you want to attend
  2. Complete a Swim Official Certification Test by registering on the Swim Officials Test Site and taking the appropriate certification test
  3. Register for an upcoming Swim Official Training Class: If you are currently not a swim official, you should register for a Swim Official Level I class. If you are interested in becoming an Admin Official, register for an Admin Official training class. If you are recertifying, register for the class appropriate for your recertification. (e.g. Level I, Level II, Admin Official, etc.)

You can see upcoming classes at this link. This information is automatically updated as training classes are scheduled by the Trainers.


To register for an upcoming swim official class:

  1. GO TO: to log in.

    If you are a new user, you will need to create a user name.
    You then set up a user name & password. After you have the password, return to the website & log in.

  2. Scroll down & on the left side of the screen
    Click on Learning & Career Development (LCDC).
  3. Under Search & Register for Classes
    Under Course Category, select "Aquatics"
    Under Course Code, select the name of the class you want to take - (e.g. Swim Officials Level I)
    Click "Search"
    Select the class you'd like to attend
  4. Follow additional prompts to register for the course