New App 2023

Forget your membership card? Wonder if there is a Zumba class this evening? Need to Squeeze in a workout while on the other side of town?  


With the Y's mobile app, all this and more is just a smartphone away!

The Y's mobile app is available for FREE! Download the Android or Apple version and say "OK" to Push Notifications. This will allow you to stay up to date about facility updates, events and programs.

The Y App allows you to:

  • Find your Y
  • Register for classes and programs
  • Scan into the Y without your membership card.
  • Create and log workouts.
  • Set goals and track progress.
  • Stay connected to the Y wherever you are

...and more!

Our mobile app is available in both Android and Apple versions. Select your option to download and install.



Frequently Asked Questions 

  • When will the old app be discontinued?
    Our old mobile app will be available until April 3, 2023. After this date, the old app will be discontinued.
  • How does someone log into the new mobile app?
    Credentials for signing into the app will be the same as the users “my account” sign on information. Users without a login can skip the login process to view the mobile app, but will have limited access. 
  • Does this app integrate with GroupExPRO?
    Yes, the mobile app integrates with GroupExPRO, allowing classes to be viewed and reserved.
  • How can I change my home location?
    Your home location is the branch you joined upon creating your membership.

    You can temporarily change your home location in the app by tapping your initials in the top left corner, then tap App Profile.  At the bottom of the screen, you can set your home location then tap Save in the top right corner.