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Developing Youth Through STEM

The YMCA is helping all children reach their full potential by supporting their unique youth development journeys. At more than 1,000 YMCA sites nationwide, youth are engaged in year-round STEM activities that nurture their curiosity, inspire creativity and teach them how to succeed.

STEM stands for Science-Technology-Engineering-MATH.  Many of the careers of the future will involve skills in one of these four areas. An afterschool setting is the perfect space to explore hands-on science activities from plants to robotics to computer programming.

Youth who participate in STEM activities:

  • Learn how to solve a problem
  • Develop critical-thinking skills
  • Get comfortable with failure and trying again
  • Learn to work successfully in teams
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Are able to see themselves in STEM careers

Find your local Y and ask how your child can get involved with STEM.

Learn how the Y is supporting equity in STEM to help everyone advance!