A group of women flexing after a workout

Women on Weights or WOW classes help women get stronger mentally and physically.

For years, women in Central Ohio have been coming to WOW at the Y to support each other, get in shape and have fun together! WOW Coach Sherrie Johnson-Dantzler has helped countless women build confidence along the way.

"It's special to see the transformation," Johnson-Dantzler said. "We've helped women get off of blood pressure medication. After a few sessions with me they are doing things they couldn't before."

She said weight lifting can help build healthy muscle while improving confidence as well. 

"We aim to make women feel better mentally and physically. The class is a family feel. We stay in contact, and check in with each other. The relationship building is why people keep coming back."

The WOW class is offered at the North YMCA on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Locations: North YMCA