YTRAAK VIRTUAL RUNS & WELLNESS CHALLENGES It's easy, developed by Ys for Ys. No setup fees. No headaches. No strings. No contracts. No hidden fees. Just sign your YMCA up using our commitment form, promote the event with provided marketing materials, register your members and begin offering YMCA Virtual Events and Wellness Challenges to your members.

How it Works

1. Complete the Commitment Form

YMCA Virtual Events & Wellness Challenges, usage of YTRAAK, and online communities are offered throughout the year to provide members and participants with support for healthy living, to provide financial support for youth development and signature Y programs like LiveSTRONG at the YMCA, and to foster in participants a habit of supporting the Y’s cause. Our wellness challenge system helps to strengthen members, participants and their communities inside the Y and out.

We can accommodate custom challenge, and we also have the ability to work with you if you want to handle participant registration through your own membership and program software. Just complete the commitment form or contact us about the details and we can get to work discussing your needs and wants.

Next Global Event & Wellness Challenge

1. Run For Kids (March 21 - May 4) - website
Proceeds from RUN FOR KIDS go back to your YMCA for youth programming.

Have a custom challenge? Want to use your Membership Software?

We can accommodate custom challenges and using your own membership software for registration as well. Just complete the commitment form or contact us about the details and we can go from there.

2. What your YMCA receives once you've signed up:


Printable YMCA Branded PDF Marketing Materials

Global Challenges Only

Once you commit a Marketing Package will be emailed to you. You can use these PDFs to promote the Fitness challenge internally. These materials are all YMCA Branded. This package contains:
1. Poster
2. Flyers
3. 3 Up Printable Materials
4. Digital Signage Graphic


Custom Web & Registration microsite

A new challenge web and registration microsite will be created for your YMCA. This site will contain YOUR association name and links back to your site. This website will be viewable and able to be registered on all devices including, PCs, Tablets and Phones.
Example of microsite.


Custom Website & Social Banner

Global Challenges Only

We will create one custom banner for your website based on pixel dimensions that you submit on the commitment form. You can use this banner ad to market the challenge on your website and your social media.
Example of Web Site Banner.



Every participating Y will receive the YTRAAK user experience for your Association. If you are part of the YMCA of Central Ohio Schedule, you will compete against those YMCAs. Otherwise, Only your branches and participants will show on the stats page giving a unique experience. The experience will be seamless all your participants will have to do is log into YTRAAK.


Daily Registration Reports

Once your challenge microsite and registration are up you will then begin receiving daily registration reports to specified people from the commitment form.


Shirt/Item Fulfillment

Global Challenges Only
One of the great benefits about signing up for our YMCA WellnessChallenges is our unique T-shirt/Item Fulfillment process. You don't have to do ANYTHING. Based on your registration reports we will ship you custom YMCA branded medals & challenge shirts over the course of a challenge. Once, the day the challenge starts and one-time when registration ends. We will ship the shirts directly to the participants house or home branch.

3. Fees & Revenue


Global Challenge Proceeds.

All proceeds from global events and wellness challenge will go directly back to your YMCA to support specific programming. We wanted to make an EASY system that would benefit Y's not just with the Healthy Living impact on your participants, but also financially. This way you won't have to justify any investment to offer events and wellness challenges. Minimum investment upfront and maximum return to the Y movement is our goal.


How does payment work? How will we get our money?

Once the event and wellness challenge closes, The YMCA of Central Ohio will send your YMCA a check of the total for the proceeds for all your registration during the event or challenge.


How much does it cost my YMCA participate per registration?

The pricing for your participants vary by challenge.

Custom Challenge Cost
$3.00 per license per challenge. If you want to run a custom challenge at your Y, a flat rate of $3.00 per registrant is charged to your Y once your challenge registration ends. No setup fees are charged.

4. Post Event Results and Track Wellness with YTRAAK

Use YTRAAK to post event results, get your printable electronic bib, and track your wellness in real-time. YTRAAK can be accessed on all devices and at anytime and takes only 10 seconds to log an activity.


Have a Question?

Have a question about YMCA Fitness Challenges or YTRAAK? Contact information is below.

Scott Debney
614-224-1137 x 130