YOU CAN JOIN THE MOVEMENT. PROTECT A CHILD. Stewards of Children® is a prevention training program that teaches adults how to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. The program is designed for individuals concerned about the safety of children, as well as organizations that serve youth. The online version allows individuals to take the training at any time or place, at a pace of their choosing.

Why Does It Apply to Me? 

Child sexual abuse is likely the most prevalent health problem children face, with the most serious array of consequences. In fact, 1 in 10 children will experience sexual abuse before their 18th birthday. This means that it is highly likely that someone you know and care for has experienced, or is currently experiencing, child sexual abuse. It’s going to happen whether you are prepared to deal with it or not - unless you stop it from happening. And the good news is, it can be stopped.


Learn about the 5 Steps to Protection our Children

The Stewards of Children® online training, will teach you ve steps to help you become a protector of children’s safety, through guidance on:

Over 90% of sexually abused children are abused by someone known by the child or family.

If you eliminate or reduce potential for children to be in isolated, one-on-one situations with adults or other youth, you dramatically reduce risk.

Children often keep abuse a secret, but barriers can be broken down by talking openly about topics like body safety, sex, and boundaries.

Emotional or behavioral signals are more common, and may range from “too perfect behavior” to anger and rebellion. The most common symptoms of child sexual abuse are emotional or behavioral changes.

Disclosure, discovery, and suspicions of sexual abuse provide opportunities to intervene on behalf of a child.


What Will You Gain From Our Training Program?

Take our online training program to prevent sexual abuse in your community. The CENTRAL OHIO GUARDIANS AGAINST ABUSE is offering low-cost ($10) registration to anyone who signs up to take the training.

The Stewards Of Children Online Training Will Provide You With The Following:

  • Increased awareness of the prevalence, consequences and circumstances of child sexual abuse.

  • New skills for adults to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.
  • Proactive, positive change to organizational policies and procedures.
  • Individual commitment to action via a personal prevention plan.


Suspect abuse?

If you think someone has crossed the line and have questions about what to do next, we have answers and advice that can help. Together, we can end child sexual abuse.

In case of an emergency, call 911. Otherwise, call the following numbers for help now.

Franklin County Children Services Child Abuse Hotline
(614) 229-7000

Ohio Child Protective Services Hotline
1 855 OH-CHILD
1 855 642-4453

National Child Abuse Hotline
(800) 4-A-CHILD 
(800) 422-4453

Learn more about the Where's The Line campaign »


FREE Online Course: 

You can take Stewards of Children FREE Online during the month of April through the following link:  
To access the FREE training, follow the step-by-step instructions and use the special Promo Code FLIPTHESWITCH