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For any new swimmers to the PICY program, you are required to pass the deep water test as outlined on the team website under the “Swim Team Guidelines” Tab in order to participate on the team.  The testing dates will take place during the new parent orientation meetings on September 5th from 7-8pm and September 7th from 9-10am.  Once practice begins on Monday, September 9th, water tests can be administered at evening practices as warranted.  Upon completion of the water tests, swimmers will be assigned to the appropriate practice level.

Many returning families may have noticed that we are starting practice two weeks earlier this season.  The first two weeks of practice will really focus on specific stroke and conditioning work with our new and returning swimmers.  Swimmers will be participating in both land and water drills during the first few weeks of practice.  Please make sure that swimmers are bringing appropriate clothing to practice for dryland activities.  I would suggest, depending on weather, shorts/t-shirt/tennis shoes along with a water bottle.  Please make sure that swimmers have a water bottle that they can use for both dryland and regular practice sessions in the pool.  Keeping our swimmers hydrated is extremely important and we as coaches take that very seriously.  Also, the coaching staff will be working with the swimmers on learning new stretching routines that will be used throughout the season.  Making sure that swimmers properly stretch before conditioning and practices is important and will be emphasized.

In an ongoing effort to provide the best experience for our swimmers, the team will be providing at least one stroke clinic a month throughout the season.  These stroke clinics may be organized by our coaching staff or we may bring in outside coaches to assist in the clinics.  The times of the clinics will be announced after the start of practice on September 9th.


1. Please note that some sub-levels will be created within each listed level above based on swimmer experience.
2. Schedule is subject to change based on holidays, weather, staffing or other team related events. 
3. The Sunday Black Level practice is also open to Green Level as a make-up practice session 
(please note that a Green Level swimmer cannot practice more than four days in a one week time period and a 
Black Level Swimmer who is 13-14 years of age cannot practice more than five days in a one week time period. 
Black Level swimmers who are age 15 and above are required to have one mandotary day of rest in a one week