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Swim Team Guidelines

For Parents

Kast-A-Way Swimwear News
Pickaway County YMCA - PICY Piranhas Swim Team Swim Team merchandise has been updated and is now on the Kast-A-Way Swimwear Web Site. Your swimmers can log on and purchase their already discounted team merchandise, as well as all the other items we carry, right over the web.

To access this secured site, have your swimmers/parents complete the one time registration process.  Once this registration is complete, click on Sign In.  Enter the email address and password you used when you registered and click on the Sign In box. (Your registration information will be emailed to you at the account you entered.  Make sure to file this information so you have access to it for future use.)

You have now successfully signed in to your account.  To view your team page, click onTeam/Guard Central to view your team page.  Here is where you login to you team account with the Team Login and Password listed here:

Enter the Team Login: PICY   (case sensitive)
Enter the Team Password: PIRANHA   (case sensitive)

Or you may also copy and paste the following into your browser address field to automatically affiliate you with Pickaway County YMCA - PICY Piranhas Swim Team: http://www.kastawayswimwear.com/Teams.aspx?tid=1341

Your Team should now be listed on the left side of your screen under Team Affiliations.  You can now list more than one team under your account as well as view your past order history. We hope that this will now make purchasing your team appointed merchandise easier than ever. Only those that have the user name and password can access the team page.

If you need to make a change to any of the team items, please call 614-855-7946 and ask to speak with our Team Coordinator, Carmen Klatt.  You can also email her at carmenk@kastawayswimwear.com


Swim Meet Volunteering
While our swim meet committee is typically responsible for the coordination of our home swim meets, we do need the help and cooperation of many of our families to successfully hold a home swim meet.  The league does not provide for officiating or any other swim meet assistance for home and away dual and tri meets.  The responsibility for running a successful swim meet lies with the team and its families. 

Listed below are the key functions and areas that must be covered to properly hold a home swim meet: 
• TIMER – Standing at the blocks and keeping time with a stopwatch.  The number of timers needed will vary for home and away swim meets.
• TIMING CONSOLE-Runs electronic meet timing and scoring.  
• BULL PEN- Very patient people who make sure swimmers are to the blocks on time, and keeping some “order” while others are waiting for the next event. 
• BULL PEN RELAY RUNNERS- Making sure the young relay swimmers are to the blocks on time and in the correct order.
• RUNNERS – Taking the timer sheets from the timers to the scorekeepers.   
• ANNOUNCER – Calls events and swimmers to the bullpen.  Makes general announcements. 
• STARTER – Makes sure timers and swimmers are ready; starts each race.   
• OFFICIALS – Makes sure swimmers are completing strokes properly and following all USS and YMCA Rules.  Officials must have proper certifications as designated by the YMCA standards.  Please see the league website at http://www.seowvswim.org for more information. 
• SET – UP / TEAR DOWN – Helps set up and tear down equipment before and after meets.
• HOSPITALITY – Sells concession items during home meets. Either assists with set up or tear down as needed

Team Communication
The Parents Organization and Coaches will make consistent and timely efforts to communicate team news and any changes to the season schedule. 

The methods of team communication most used are:
• the team website (http://www.ymcacolumbus.org/pickaway-swim-team)
• the email system (piranhascoach@ymcacolumbus.org)
• the family folders that are maintained at the Pickaway County YMCA Pool
• the Pickaway County Swim Team bulletin board
• Committee meetings as announced by the parents committee chairpersons
• Use of Team Unify (meet and team events software)

It is your responsibility as a swimmer and parent to check all the above methods of communication to ensure that you have received the most up to date information.  Practice cancellations and changes will be exclusively communicated through the team website, email, and by calling the front desk of the Pickaway County YMCA at 740-474-1661.  Please realize that cancelling practice sometimes occurs minutes before practice begins.  Always feel free to make the decision that is best for your family.  Please also note that the team will occasionally report team achievements and news in the local newspaper and on the Pickaway County YMCA bulletin boards located in the breezeway leading to the pool.

Conferencing with Coaches

Please do not communicate with coaches during practice sessions, unless it is an emergency.  The coaches are responsible for the safety of our children and need to devote their full attention to the swimmers during practice sessions.   Coaches will be available for conferences after practices or you may email the coaches to set up a meeting to discuss any questions or concerns. 

Questions related to coaching should be directed to the coaches.  Questions related to any other aspect of the swim team should be directed to the YMCA Aquatics Director.



If you are going on vacation or your swimmer cannot attend a meet, please give this information to the coaches in email at piranhascoach@ymcacolumbus.org at least one week ahead of time when possible.  Many hours are spent on each meet to make sure that every swimmer gets to swim and swim a variety of events.  This is especially critical where a relay team is involved.  The whole team is counting on each swimmer to be at each meet.

If your swimmer becomes ill or an emergency comes up and they can’t swim, please call a coach as soon as possible to report that your swimmer will not be there.