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The Y Organizes Child Care Initiative, Zoe’s Kids Day Out, on Election Day to Support Busy Parents

The Y’s Zoe for President Campaign Aims to Get Parents to the Polls
The Y Organizes Nationwide Child Care Initiative, Zoe’s Kids Day Out, on Election Day to Support Busy Parents

Columbus, OH (October 31, 2016)— Today the YMCA of Central Ohio announced Zoe’s Kids Day Out; an initiative to host child care services on Election Day, providing busy parents and caregivers the opportunity to make it easier to get to the polls on November 8. Acknowledging taking kids to the polls may add stress for busy parents and caregivers, the Y is committed to doing its part to make sure all Americans can vote.

The YMCA of Central Ohio will offer varieties of child care/child watch on November 8. Some YMCA branches are polling locations. Please check your local YMCA for more information.

Zoe’s Kids Day Out is a component of Zoe for President, the Y’s effort to elect a one-year-old girl as our nation’s Commander in Chief…in 2064. It highlights the potential the Y sees in all kids to grow up and change the world if they’re nurtured properly and supported along the way. Through Y initiatives like child care, academic enrichment, mentorship, college prep, job training, and more, kids have the opportunities to succeed, grow, and one day, maybe even become president. The Y aims to impart the values of what it means to achieve—how hard work, determination, perseverance and character can drive someone to success beyond what they thought possible.

“Our hope is that Zoe’s Kids Day Out helps parents and caregivers make sure their voices are heard, and the very children we care for are given every opportunity to reach their future potential,” said Tina Badurina, Vice President of Marketing and Communication, YMCA of Central Ohio. “As the largest provider of child care in the country, the Y sees the potential in all kids and understands if given the opportunity to succeed, children can grow up to be anything they want—including president.”

Zoe’s Kids Day Out initiative is part of Zoe’s larger campaign to “Rattle the Vote,” and encourage voter participation. Another component of “Rattle the Vote” is a customizable social media video generator available November 1. The video generator will give users an opportunity to create “Get Out The Vote” video messages from Zoe on ZoeForPresident.net that they can share with their friends and family on social media channels.

This initiative marks the second phase of the Y’s For a better us™ campaign, a multi-year, multi-faceted effort to engage more people with the Y and its mission as a nonprofit.  Earlier this year, the Y launched two powerful television commercials, Places, and Idle Hands, each spotlighting a different problem that communities in America face today.  Both spots showcased the Y’s nonprofit work on the ground, engaging and enriching kids and families through safe spaces, mentorship, education, meal programs and more.