YMCA of Central Ohio
Swim Team Guidelines


We are proud to introduce our latest incentive program: MantAwards

What Are MantAwards?  Each child now has a personal chart posted in the viewing window of the pool that tracks achievements throughout the season.  Stars will be awarded on an individual basis and placed on the chart so they can be recognized.  Parent volunteers are working hard to keep these updated so that your child can watch their progress all season long.

What Achievements Are Recognized?  Different color stars will be used to represent different achievements.  These include:

  • Gold Star: Certified S.M.A.R.T. Goal Achieved
  • Silver Star: Coaches Challenge Met
  • Red Star: Perfect Attendance (one per month)
  • Blue Star: Personal Best milestone (one every 5 starting at 15)
  • Green Star: First 10 Personal Bests

At the end of the season we will hand these charts out along with your child's end of the year awards.

I hope your as excited as we are about this program, we're looking forward to filling up those charts throughout the season.

Coach Bryan



Congratulations to the following swimmers who achieved perfect attendance awards for the month of November:

  • Lindsay Metcalf
  • Cassie Rollins
  • Will Atkins