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PB Count to Date:  1,066 (as of 7/13/14)

Short Course Team Records as of 7/13

Long Course Team Records as of 7/13

Top Times for All Swimmers as of 7/13


SEOWV Summer League Championships (7/12-7/13/14)

Congratulations Penguins on winning your 11th consecutive Summer League Championship at Denison University this past weekend.  The team competed against 16 other YMCA teams in the Southeast Ohio West Virginia Swim League.  Champs PBs totaled 230 which took us over 1000 PBs for the summer season.  There were 22 sweeps: Srivarshini Achanta, Melissa Adamczak, Ava Bennett, Tyler Bluvol, Anna Bohrer, Ali Caskey, Andrew Gehring, Harry Jacobsmeyer, Hugh Jacobsmeyer, Sierra Kirby, Isabella Lengal, Anna Liedtke, Betsy Lorenz, Kirin Loughrey, Cleo Melvin, Ella Moran, Lauren Perry, Kaden Springfield, Kate Sullenberger, Christopher Tracewell, Rachel Watters and Isaac Wolfe.

The team won SEVEN of the Team Age Group High Point awards: 8 & Under Boys, 9-10 Girls, 9-10 Boys, 11-12 Girls, 11-12 Boys, 13-14 Girls and 15-18 Girls. 

Team Records were set by Leona Bently in the 15-18 Girls 1650 Free and Sheridan Ave in the 15-18 Girls 50 Fly. 

Leona Bently and Justine Kenny tied for the 15-18 Girls High Point Award.

There were so many highlights during the meet and here are just a few:

  • Sydney Weis and Luke Jaycox breaking a minute in the 100 Free for the first time!
  • One-Two finish of the 11-12 Boys 200 Medley and Free Relays
  • Meara Marker goes sub 30 on the 50 free for the first time.
  • Sunday’s Dance-Off between several teams when there was a weather delay!  Cheers to Anirudh and Isaac for their dance moves.
  • Laura Loughlin’s smooth 200 Fly and dropping 10 seconds.
  • Betsy Lorenz drops 29 seconds in her 50 Free.
  • Cheesecake anyone?

Thank you to all our parents that volunteered at Champs.

Upcoming meets include Junior Olympics at Miami University, Senior Championhips at Kenyon College and YMCA Long Course Nationals the Indiana University Natatorium on the campus of IUPUI  Good Luck 'Guins!

The Summer Swim Team Banquet is Thursday, July 24th.

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Contact Coach Chris if there is an error above.


37th Peppe-Bruce Memorial Invitational (7/4-7/6/14)

A small group of Penguin swimmers competed over the weekend in the Peppe-Bruce Memorial Invitational at the Ohio State University's McCorkle Pavilion.   The team finished 8th out of 30 teams and swam 40 PBs.  PB leaders were Caroline Racke (6), Michael Racke (5), Haley Banner, Emily Espy, Justine Kenny and Lauren Perry (4).  Highlights over the weekend included YMCA National swims by Haley Banner and Justine Kenny in the Women's 100 Meter Backstroke, and Caroline Racke swam a National time in the Women's 100 Meter Fly. 

New Long Course team records were set by Haley Banner, 13-14 Girls 100 and 200 Back; Justine Kenny, 15-18 Girls 100 Back; Caroline Racke, 15-18 Girls 100 Fly; and Mason Reid, 13-14 Boys 100 and 200 Backstroke and the 400 Free.

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3rd Annual Penguin Pentathlon (6/29/14)

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated, donated, volunteered and contributed to the 3rd Penguin Pentathlon!  It was a great day of raising funds for Camp Can Do and LiveStrong.   Final results on our fundraising efforts will be announced soon. 

Penguin swimmers swam 201 PBs and 9 swimmers had a PB Sweep.  Sweeping all five (5) of their Pentathlon events were a group of girls -- Olivia Ave, Tyler Bluvol, Jet Lopeman, Rachael Stoops and Amelia Wells.  Sofiya Gobora and Gerik Melvin had a PB Sweep in four (4) events, Megan Sullenberger had a PB Sweep in three (3) events and Parker Budreau had a PB Sweep in two (2) events.

The ROO-HA mascot for the meet was Kyndall Caffey (pictures below) and thank you to Penguin swimmer Kate Sullenberger for singing the National Anthem at the start of both sessions.

Top Scorer and Runner-Up Pentathlon winners for the Penguins were:

7 & Under Girls
Runner-Up - Megan Sullenberger

8 Year Old Boys
Runner-Up - Kaden Springfield

9 Year Old Girls
Runner-Up - Regan Blythe

10 Year Old Girls
Runner-Up - Kayla Fisher

10 Year Old Boys
Top Scorer - Evan Lowrie
Runner-Up - Gavin Weis

11 Year Old Girls
Top Scorer - Ananya Das
Runner-Up - Madison Groppe

12 Year Old Girls
Top Scorer - Lauren Perry

12 Year Old Boys
Top Scorer - Johnny Bently

13 Year Old Girls
Top Scorer - Haley Banner
Runner-Up - Meara Marker

13 Year Old Boys
Runner-Up - Matthew Patterson

14 Year Old Girls
Top Scorer - Abigail Weis
Runner-Up - Amanda Springer

14 Year Old Boys
Runner-Up - Ronak Tripathy

15-16 Girls
Top Scorer - Caroline Racke
Runner-Up - Sydney Weis

15-16 Boys
Top Scorer - Michael Racke
Runner-Up - Matthew Xin

Women Open (200 Fly, 200 Back, 200 Breast, 200 Free, 200 IM)
Top Scorer - Colleen Jaycox
Runner-Up - Michaela Neal

Men Open (200 Fly, 200 Back, 200 Breast, 200 Free, 200 IM)
Top Scorer - Mason Reid
Runner-Up - Dylan Ingram

Penguin Pentathlon meet records were set or broken by the following Penguin swimmers:
Mason Reid – Open 200 Fly and 200 Back
Justine Kenny – Open 200 Back
Kayla Fisher – 10 Year Old Girls 50 Free
Johnny Bently – 12 Year Old Boys – 100 IM, 50 Fly, 50 Back and 50 Free
Matthew Xin – 15-16 Boys 100 Fly
Fletcher Holquist – 11 Year Old Boys 50 Fly and 50 Back
Michael Racke – 15-16 Boys 100 Back
Leona Bently – 15-16 Girls 100 Breast
Emily Espy – 12  Year Old Girls 50 Free

Awards are swimmer in  mailboxes.  If your swimmer is short a ribbon, please be patient as we were a few short and they are bing ordered.

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Home Meet vs Lancaster (6/26/14)

The Penguins hosted their last home dual meet of the summer season versus the Lancaster Stingrays.   There were a large number of great swims, and many were by swimmers who swam a new event for the first time.  The swimmers swam 81 PBs and 28 swimmers had a PB Sweep:  Maria Bell, Leona Bently, Anna Bohrer, Kyndall Caffey, Ali Caskey, Alice Crowe, Ananya Das, Emily Espy, Michael Gaier, Madison Groppe, Megan Hathaway, Connor Ingram, Caroline Iversen, Isaac Iversen, Joseph Johnson, Trevor Kaufmann, Anna Liedtke, Jet Lopeman, Annie Lorenz, Kirin Loughrey, Siena Madsen, Ross McCloskey, Cleo Melvin, Gerik Melvin, Mitchell Moran, Matthew Patterson, Aiden Smith and  Kaden Springfield.  

Madison Groppe set a team record in the 9-10 Girls 200 Fly.

The Penguins will host and participate in the Penguin Pentathlon on Sunday, June 29th.  If you suspect an error or have a question, contact Coach Chris.

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Austin Smith was the ROO-HA mascot.


Home Meet vs Licking County (6/19/14)

The Penguins swam 79 PBs during the dual meet with the Licking County Sharks.   There were 23 PB Sweeps: Srivarshini Achanta, Maria Bell, Bryn Bennett, Tyler Bluvol, Andrew Bower, Lydia Colvin, Aditya Das, Emily Espy, Michael Gaier, Sofiya Gobora, Dylan Ingram, Harry Jacobsmeyer, Trevor Kaufmann, Tyler Krohn, Isabella Lengal, Anna Liedtke, Carson Loughrey, Osheen Oommen, Sravya Patibandla, Matthew Patterson, Kaden Springfield, Gavin Weis and Sydney Weis.

Emily Espy set a new team record in the 11-12 Girls 1000 Free and the ROO-HA mascot was Caroline Iversen.

The next home meet is June 26th.  The Penguin Pentathlon is June 29th.

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Creekside Blues and Jazz Fest Blast / Senior Circuit Meet (6/13-6/15/14)

The Penguins participated in the Blast and Senior Circuit Meet in Gahanna.  The swimmers missed the fried oreos, but did swim 85 PBs.  Lydia Colvin was the PB Leader with 8 PBs, Lauren Perry (6), Michael Racke (5) and Leona Bently, Nicole Kenny, Laura Loughlin and Meara Marker with 4 PBs. 

Mason Reid set three team records in the 13-14 Boys 200, 400 and 1500 free; Sheridan Ave set records in the 15-18 Girls 200 free and 200 fly; and Justine Kenny, set a new 15-18 GIrls 100 Back record.

Creekside PB Results

Senior Circuit PB Results

Creekside Full Meet Results

Senior Circuit PB Results

OSSC Spring into Summer Splash (6/6-6/8/14)

The Penguins competed at a prelims / finals meet at Ohio State over the weekend.  The team swam 70 PBs and PB Sweeps were earned by Isaac Iversen, August Jacobsmeyer and Max McAlister.  PB leaders were Emily Espy (7), Kayla Fisher (7), Nicole Kenny (4) and Chris Tracewell (4).

Swimmers who competed in Finals were Sheridan Ave, Leona Bently, Emily Espy, Kayla Fisher, Isaac Iversen, Colleen Jaycox, Nicole Kenny, Justine Kenny, Laura Loughlin, Lauren Perry, Mason Reid and Matthew Xin.

Nine long course team records were set by three swimmers: Sheridan Ave, 15 & Over Girls 100, 200, 400 Free and 200 Fly; Justine Kenny, 15 & Over Girls 100 Back; and Mason Reid, 13-14 Boys 200 and 400 Free, and 100 and 200 Back.

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Kick-Off Classic (6/7/14)

At the Kick-Off Classic in Gahanna, the Penguins finished in 2nd place, just 21.5 points behind the Grove City Manta Rays who were first.  The Penguins swam 73 PBs and PB Sweeps were earned by Sahana Bettada, Kyndall Caffey, Betsy Lorenz, Cleo Melvin, Mitchell Moran, Rohan Shetty and Rachael Stoops

The highlight of the morning session was the 8 & Under Boys Medley Relay team of Michael Gaier, Bryce Groppe, Kaden Springfield and Hugh Jacobsmeyer who in a quick turn of events, legally swam a 200 yard medley relay and scored 18 points.  The highlight of the afternoon session was the last event of the day, the 1000 Free, swum by Meara Marker.  She negative split the race (the second 500 was faster than the first 500), she came from behind to finish first, and dropped 57 seconds from her previous swim!

Great Job Penguins!

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Home Meet vs Hilliard/Mt Vernon (6/5/14)

The Penguins opened the YMCA summer season with a home meet in chilly waters versus Hilliard and Mt Vernon on Thursday night.   All of our new team members this summer swam well as did the veterans.  There were 119 PBs (personal best swims) and PB Sweeps were earned by 44   swimmers:  Nikhila Achanta, Srivarshini Achanta, Austin Anderson, Evie Bahe, Ava Bennett, Bryn Bennett, Julia Bently, Drew Bivens, Anna Bohrer, Andrew Bower, Carley Budreau, Jonathan Buell, Kyndall Caffey, Rachel Chen, Aditya Das, Aiden Gaier, Michael Gaier, Meghan Hathaway, Hannah Hearn, Connor Ingram, Caroline Iversen, Harry Jacobsmeyer, Janhavi Kavedia, Sierra Kirby, Lauren Klinefelter, Kelly Knight, Marshall Knight, Tyler Krohn, Anna Liedtke, Annie Lorenz, Kirin Loughrey, Jenna Lutz, Siena Madsen, Myah McConnell, Molly McGinty, Cleo Melvin, Gerik Melvin, Mitchell Moran, Nick Sells, Caleb Smith, Sheetansha Srivastava, Kate Sullenberger, Pavan Thota and Rachel Watters.

Thank you to our awesome parents who timed, ran bullpen, worked concessions, helped set up the meet, officiated, worked  the Colorado system amd scorer's table and cleaned up after the meet! 

The next YMCA meet is Saturday, June 7th at the Kick-Off Classic.

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NOTE: A swimmer earns a PB Sweep if they PB in all the events that have competed in before.  Swimmers cannot earn a sweep if they are disqualified.

If you suspect an error, please contact Coach Chris.


BSC Spring Classic (5/17-5/18/14)

The Penguins swam well in their first meet of the summer season in a long course two-day meet at Ohio University.  Several Penguins competed in their first long course meet ever and others swam an event for the first time as long course.  The team swam 88 PBs and PB Sweeps were earned by Jack Hiltner, Hugh Jacobsmeyer, Laura Loughlin, Lauren Perry and Michael Racke.  PB Leaders over the weekend were Nicole Kenny (8), Kayla Fisher (6), Lauren Perry (6), Allison Kenny (5) and Laura Loughlin (5). 

New Long Course Team Records were set by Mason Reid in the 13-14 Boys 50 Meter Breaststroke and 50 Fly.  Caroline Racke set a team record in the 15-18 Girls 50 Fly.

Congratulations Penguins on a good first meet.

Meet Results



PB Count to Date: 2,841 (9/28/13 through 4/7/14)  


YMCA National Championships (4/1-4/4/14)

Six Penguin swimmers competed at Nationals in Greensboro and set four team records.  Sheridan Ave in in the 15-18 Girls 50 Free and 100 Fly, Justine Kenny in the 15-18 Girls 100 Back and Winston Kuriger in the 15-18 Boys 100 Free. 

Neon Party was this year's theme and the National team is pictured below.

L-R: Rachel Peroni, Reilly Haas, Sheridan Ave, Winston Kuriger (disco ball), Justine Kenny, Colleen Jaycox

Full Meet Results


YMCA Zone Championships (3/21-3/23/14)

57 Penguin swimmers participated in Zone Championships at The Ohio State University McCorkle Pavilion.  The team swam 49 PBs and Fletcher Holquist was the PB leader over the weekend.  Fletcher swept all six of his events.  The 13-14 Girls finished 3rd in their age group and the Penguins placed 12th out of 100 teams.

There were 14 new individual team records and 12 relay team records set over the weekend.

13-14 Girls

  • Sheridan Ave - 100 and 500 Free
  • 200 Free Relay - Rachel Peroni, Haley Banner, Ally Braun, Sheridan Ave
  • 200 Medley Relay - Haley Banner, Avery Venetta, Rachel Peroni, Sheridan Ave

13-14 Boys

  • Michael Racke - 50 Free
  • 200 Free Relay - Michael Racke, Luke Jaycox, Mason Reid, Ben Kuriger
  • 200 Medley Relay - Mason Reid, Michael Racke, Ben Kuriger, Ronak Tripathy

15-18 Girls and Senior Girls

  • Caroline Racke - 50 Free and 50 Fly
  • Leona Bently - 1000 Free
  • Justine Kenny - 50 and 200 Back
  • 200 Free Relay - Rachel Peroni, Caroline Racke, Reilly Haas, Sheridan Ave
  • 200 Medley Relay - Justine Kenny, Rachel Peroni, Sheridan Ave, Caroline Racke
  • 800 Free Relay - Ally Braun, Leona Bently, Rachel Peroni, Sheridan Ave

15-18 Boys and Senior Boys

  • Winston Kuriger - 500 Free, 50 Back, 100 Back, 100 Fly and 400 IM
  • Turner Schade - 50 Fly
  • 200 Free Relay - Michael Racke, Nick Tracewell, Ben Kuriger, Winston Kuriger
  • 200 Medley Relay - Winston Kuriger, Matthew Xin, Turner Schade, Nick Tracewell
  • 400 Medley Relay - Winston Kuriger, Matthew Xin, Turner Schade, Nick Tracewell
  • 400 Free Relay - Turner Schade, Nick Tracewell, Mason Reid, Winston Kuriger
  • 800 Free Relay - Nick Tracewell, Ben Kuriger, Michael Racke, Winston Kuriger


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1000th PB PARTY



A few high school swimmers attended the Last Ditch at Lancaster.  There were 3 PBs and Michael Racke swam a Zone time in the 13-14 Boys 100 Back.

PB Results



At the Last Ditch meet tonight in Delaware there were 37 PBs.  The following swimmers qualified for Zones in an individual event: Johnny Bently (50 Free), Ally Braun (50 and 100 Fly), Emily Espy (500 Free), Ben Kuriger (100 Breast), Winston Kuriger (100 Breast) and Avery Venetta (100 Breast).  Matthew Xin set a team record in the 15-18 Boys 100 Breast.

PB Results


AA CHAMPS (3/8-3/9/14)

Congratulations Penguins on winning your 4th consecutive SEOWV League Championships in the two-day meet in Canton.  There were 249 PBs and 30 PB Sweeps: Katie Amrine, Sheridan Ave, Ella Basile, Johnny Bently, Alex Bi, Tyler Bluvol, Rachel Chen, Cassie Coniglio, Ananya Das, Emily Espy, Cameron Fisher, Andrew Gehring, Meggie Gehring, Garrett Graybill, Bryce Groppe, Jack Hiltner, Shray Jain, Luke Jaycox, Allison Kenny, Ashwyn Khandelwal, Lillee LaRosa, Arman Lopeman, David Perry, Benjamin Reusser, Catherine Segreto, Nick Sells, Kaden Springfield, Anirudh Venkatakrishnan, Abigail Weis and Benton Wishart.  The Penguins won the High Point Age Group in 8 & Under Boys, 11-12 Girls11-12 Boys and 13-14 Girls

Team records were set by Sheridan Ave, 13-14 Girls 50 and 200 Free; Rachel Peroni, 13-14 Girls 200 Fly and 200 IM; Caroline Racke, 15-18 Girls 50 Free, 50 and 100 Fly; Colleen Jaycox, 15-18 Girls 50 Back; Justine Kenny, 15-18 Girls 100 Back; Michael Racke, 13-14 Boys 50 Free; Ben Kuriger, 13-14 Boys 50 Fly; Winston Kuriger, 15-18 Boys 100 Free, 50 Back, 200 Fly and 400 IM; Matthew Xin, 15-18 Boys 50 and 200 Breast; Nick Tracewell, 15-18 Boys 100 Fly; 13-14 Girls 200 Medley and Free Relay (Rachel Peroni, Haley Banner, Avery Venetta, Sheridan Ave); 13-14 Boys 200 Free Relay (Michael Racke, Luke Jaycox, Mason Reid, Ben Kuriger), 15-18 Girls 800 Free Relay (Sydney Weis, Abigail Weis, Leona Bently, Haley Banner); 15-18 Boys 400 Medley Relay (Ben Kuriger, Matthew Xin, Turner Schade, Winston Kuriger); and 15-18 Boys 400 Free Relay (Nick Tracewell, Mason Reid, Turner Schade, Winston Kuriger).

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The Penguins swam 11 PBs at Ohio State on Friday.  Team Records were set by Rachel Peroni, 13-14 Girls 100 Fly and Ben Kuriger, 13-14 Boys 200 Backstroke.

PB Results



The Penguins won the BIg Little meet at Kenyon College.  The team swam 140 PBs and 16 Sweeps Ally Braun, Alex Chen, Emily Espy, Cameron Fisher, Andrew Gehring, Emma Hiltner, Jack Hiltner, Winston Kuriger, Jack McDonnell, Chris Patterson, Michael Racke, Avery Simonds, Austin Smith, Rachael Stoops, Megan Sullenberger and Sydney Weis. 

Team Records were set by Rachel Peroni in the 13-14 Girls 100 Free, Ben Kuriger in the 13-14 Boys 50 and 100 Back; and Winston Kuriger in the 15-18 Boys 50, 200 and 500 Free;

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A CHAMPS (2/23/14)

Great Job Penguins!!!  There were 10 new AA times achieved by Penguins at A Champs at the Grove City YMCA on Sunday.  The Penguins also swam 135 PBs and there were 17 PB Sweeps:  Ian Achor, Bryn Bennett, Maria Bell, Carter Bluvol, Katy Colvin, Emma Edwardson, Garrett Graybill, Bryce Groppe, Kristin Groppe, Parker Haney, Janhavi Kavedia, Claire Kroeger, Isabella Lengal, Evan Lindsey, Amelia Pepe, Alex Tseng and Alex Wisler. 

PB Results



At the Worthington Regional meet, the Penguins swam 113 PBs including a Zone time by Emily Espy in the 11-12 Girls 200 Free.  PB leaders were Emily Espy and Laura Loughlin (9), Dylan Ingram (8), Abigail Weis (7), Alice Crowe and Lauren Perry (6), and Hailey Blythe, Kayla Fisher and Nick Sells (5).

PB Results


LTPY VS LCFY (2/7/14)

On Friday night versus LCFY, the team swam 137 PBs, several swimmers broke 30 in the 50 free for the first time, many more AA times, a Zone swim, two team records and 44 PB Sweeps!

Sweeping their events were Katie Armine, Olivia Ave,William Ave, Maddie Baughman, Alex Bi, Andrew Blosser, Jackson Bray, Ali Caskey, Lydia Colvin, Cassie Coniglio, Jack Cruise, Ananya Das, Joel David, Madison Groppe, TJ Harris, Callie Henderson, Dylan Ingram, Isaac Iversen, Harry Jaconbsmeyer, Joe Johnson, Claire Kroeger, Tyler Krohn, Ben Kuriger, Arman Lopeman, Charlotte Lorenz, Kirin Loughrey, Meara Marker, Max McAlister, Jack McDonnell, Martina Peroni, Luke Racke, Fiona Schade, Rohan Shetty, Kailyn Smith, Kaden Springfield, Sheetansha Srivastava, Rachael Stoops, Alec Tseng, Anthony Venetta, Anirudh Venkatakrishnan, Rishika Vinaykumar, Gavin Weis, Benton Wishart and Alex Wisler.

Johnny Bently swam a Zone time in the 11-12 Boys 200 Free.  Ben Kuriger broke his own record in the 13-14 Boys 50 Fly and Martina Peroni set a new record in the 9-10 Girls 1000 Free.

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Great Job Penguins!  You swam 222 PBs at the Orange Crush on Sunday and won the first place team award.  There were 17 PB Sweeps: John Bently, Jack Cruise, Aiden Gaier, Sofiya Gobora, Kristin Groppe, Lauren Hill, August Jacobsmeyer, Joe Johnson, Janhavi Kavedia, Claire Kroeger, Madison Lapid, Carson Loughrey, Jack McDonnell, Meredith McGinty, Alec Tseng, Rachel Watters and Alex Wisler.

Rachel Peroni set three 13-14 Girls team records: 50 Breast, 50 Free and 100 Breast.

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On October 13, 2013, we held a Virtual Meet at our YMCA.  The results from this meet as well as results from 128 other YMCAs from around the country were submitted to YMCA Nationals.  Here are the consolidated team results: 

  • 10 & Under Girls - 9th Place
  • 11-12 Girls - 14th Place
  • 13-14 Girls - 3rd Place
  • 15-18 Girls - 29th Place
  • Overall Girls - 11th Place
  • 10 & Under Boys - 29th Place
  • 11-12 Boys - 40th Place
  • 13-14 Boys - 19th Place
  • 15-18 Boys - 33rd Place
  • Overall Boys - 41st Place
  • OVERALL TEAM PLACE - 19th Place out of 129 teams

Great Job Penguins!

Click HERE link to view individual results in the National Vritual Meet.

Posted 1/27/14: SUMMER SWIM TEAM REGISTRATION will be held April 17th through April 23rd.  Check back for more details. **


The Penguins were the visiting TEAM CHAMPIONS at the IMX Meet at Ohio State this weekend!   The swimmers competed in 5 or 6 events over the weekend and swam 96 PBs.  60% of the swims were PBs.  PB Sweeps were earned by Lydia Colvin, Alice Crowe, Noah Crowe, Preston Kuriger, Evan Lowrie, Lauren Perry and Mason Reid. 

Swimmers who participated and scored points in the IMX events were:
Rachel Peroni – 1st Place – 13 year old girls
Ben Kuriger – 2nd Place – 14 year old boys
Martina Peroni – 2nd Place – 10 year old girls
Haley Banner – 3rd Place – 13 year old girls
Evan Lowrie – 4th – 9 year old boys
Mason Reid – 4th – 14 year old boys
Michaela Neal – 6th – 13 year old girls
Lydia Colvin – 9th – 11 year old girls
Emily Espy – 10th – 12 year old girls
Dylan Ingram – 11th – 11 year old boys
Lauren Perry – 11th – 12 year old girls
Luke Nester – 13th – 11 year old boys
Alice Crowe – 13th – 12 year old girls
Laura Loughlin – 14th – 12 year old girls
Hailey Blythe – 19th – 12 year old girls

Team records were set by Rachel Peroni in the 13-14 Girls 200 IM and 500 Free, and Mason Reid in the 13-14 Boys 200 Backstroke.

Congratulations Penguins on an outstanding weekend of swimming!

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There were many outstanding performances by the Penguins in the Kelly German Invitational at Worthington on Friday and Sunday.  The team swam 79 PBs and PB Sweeps were swum by Katie Amrine, Clay Edwardson and Kailyn Smith.  The PB leaders for the weekend were Ben Kuriger (6),  Kayla Fisher (5), Haley Banner (4), Allison Kenny (4), Martina Peroni (4) and Lauren Perry (4).  

Rachel Peroni set new team records in the 13-14 Girls 200 Free, 100 Back, 100 Fly and 400 IM, and Ben Kuriger broke the 13-14 Boys 50 Free Record.  Zone qualifying times were swum by Laura Loughlin (11-12 Girls 100 Fly), Haley Banner (13-14 Girls 200 Free), Martina Peroni (10 & Under Girls 50 Breast), Ben Kuriger (13-14 Boys 50 Free, 200 Free, 100 Fly) and Mason Reid (500 Free).

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The team competed at the Columbus North YMCA and swam 81 PBs.  There were 9 PB Sweeps: Johnny Bently, Andrew Blosser, Andrew Gehring, TJ Harris, Janhavi Kavedia, Arman Lopeman, Jenna Lutz, Rachel Stoops and Rishika Vinaykumar.

THANK YOU Penguin parents for hosting this "away' meet for the swimmers.

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AA Champs Qualifiers as of 1/18/14

DQs at 1/18 Meet



Several Penguin swimmers competed at the Kettering Recreation Center and swam 29 PBs.  Maddy Baughman swam the only PB Sweep and other Penguins with three PBs were Lydia Colvin, Evan Lowrie, Dylan Ingram and Lauren Perry.

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Martina and Rachel Peroni were members of Team Ohio at the Mid-States Quad Meet at IUPUI Natatorium in Indianapolis.  Martina had a PB Sweep, finishing 3rd and 4th in the 50 and 100 Fly respectively.  Rachel finished first in the 13-14 Girls 100 Fly, 4th in the 100 Backstroke and 6th in the 200 IM.   Team Indiana won the meet, followed by Team Kentucky.  Team Ohio was 3rd and the Michigan Zone team was 4th.

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LTPY vs CHY (12/21/13)

The final YMCA meet of 2013 was a home meet versus Columbus Hilltop.  The swimmers swam 153 PBs and there were 16 PB  Sweeps: Johnny Bently, Carter Bluvol, Jack Cruise, Emma Edwardson, Andrew Gehring, Parker Haney, Jack Hiltner, Erin Hudson, Shray Jain, Joseph Johnson, Janhavi Kavedia, Arman Lopeman, Evan Lowrie, Martina Peroni, Ronak Tripathy and Anirudh Venktakrishnan.  Team records were sent by Rachel Peroni in the 13-14 Girls 50 Free, 200 Free and 100 Breast.

Tyler Bluvol was the ROO-HA mascot.

Great Job Penguins!


PB Results

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DQs at 12/21 Meet


ROO-HA!  Congratulations to Sydney Weis who swam the 1000th PB at the Turkey Splash in the 50 Breaststroke.  She will celebrate with a 1000th PB and her 15 & Older teammates later in the season.





Congratulations Penguin swimmers on 190 PBs and 33 PB Sweeps at the 8th Annual Penguin Plunge.  PB Sweeps were swum by:  Alex Bi, Katy Colvin, Cassie Coniglio, Michael Gaier, Meggie Gehring, Sofiya Gobora, Madison Groppe, Kennedy Haney, TJ Harris, Hannah Hearn, Jack Hiltner, Joseph Hull, Dylan Ingram, Harry Jacobsmeyer, Carter Kirtley, Tyler Krohn, Ben Kuriger, Cameron Kuriger, Arman Lopeman, Ella Lowrie, Meara Marker, Max McAlister, Chris Patterson, Lauren Perry, Nina Racke, Rohan Shetty, Cameron Shively, Rachael Stoops, Ronak Tripathy, Anthony Venetta, Anirudh Venkatakrishnan, Amelia Wells and Isaac Wolfe.

Katie-Mac Shively was today’s ROO-HA mascot! 

First Place finishers in their age group were Martina Peroni (9-10 Girls), Michaela Neal and Lauren Perry (11-12 Girls), Rachel Peroni (13-14 Girls) and Leona Bently (15-18 Girls).

Two team records were set by Ben Kuriger in the 13-14 Boys 50 Back and 50 Fly.

Thank you to everyone who made our 8th Annual Plunge a great success!  Everything ran smooth, and as usual, we finished ahead of the timeline.  To all the parent volunteers (too many to mention) including the older Penguin swimmers who helped time, work in bullpen and help with awards in the afternoon, thank you all for a fantastic job!

PB Results
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Top Finishers by Age Group

Team Records
DQs at the Plunge



Several Penguins swam at Columbus Academy on Friday night in one event.  PBs were swum by Kayla Fisher, Michaela Neal and Kailyn Smith.

PB Results

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A small group of 20 Penguin swimmers participated in the Shaker Sharks Invitational at Cleveland State University over the weekend.  The team finished 11th out of at least 32 teams.

There was a total of 40 PB swims and Laura Loughlin had a PB Sweep on Saturday.  Regan Blythe swept her only event at the meet.  The PB leader over both days was Mason Reid with 6 PBs, and Meara Marker and Avery Venetta had 4 PBs.  Lauren Perry had 3 PBs on Saturday.

Team records were set by Rachel Peroni (13-14 Girls 50 Free, 100 Free, 100 Back and 100 Fly), Mason Reid (13-14 Boys 100 and 200 Back), Sheridan Ave (13-14 Girls 200 Free) and the 13-14 Girls 200 Medley Relay: Haley Banner, Avery Venetta, Rachel Peroni and Sheridan Ave.

The 13-14 Girls swam to a first place finish in the 200 yard medley relay: Haley Banner, Avery Venetta, Rachel Peroni and Sheridan Ave Rachel Peroni finished first in four of her individual events:  100 free, 200 IM, 100 Fly and 100 Back.

Great Job Penguins!

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Several Penguin swimmers competed at Worthington on Sunday in the 500 and 1000 Free.  Lydia Colvin and Michael Racke swam PBs in their events.  Top Finishers who will receive a plaque are:

13-14 Girls 500 Free

  • 1st - Rachel Peroni
  • 2nd - Ally Braun
  • 3rd - Abigail Weis

13-14 Boys 500 Free

  • 3rd - Michael Racke

13-14 Boys 1000 Free

  • 2nd - Ronak Tripathy

15-18 Girls 1000 Free

  • 5th - Sydney Weis

The next USA meet is December 7th-8th at Cleveland State University.

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TURKEY SPLASH (11/24/13)

The 11 and Older team members participated in the 1st Ever Turkey Splash at Kenyon College and the team brought home the first place trophy.   There were 78 PBs and PB leaders were Winston Kuriger (6 and a Sweep), Ben Kuriger (5), Ally Braun (4), Emma Lucas (4), Jack Hiltner (3), Catherine Segreto (3), Nick Sells (3), Rachael Stoops (3), Anirudh Venkatakrishnan (3) and Abigail Weis (3).

Age Group High Point swimmers and winners of a personalized towel are:  Michaela Neal (11-12 Girls), Rachel Peroni (13-14 Girls), Ben Kuriger (13-14 Boys), Colleen Jaycox (15-18 Girls) and Winston Kuriger (15-18 Boys).  (Towels should be available at the Plunge).

Team Records were set by Ben Kuriger in the 13-14 Boys Fly, Winston Kuriger in the 15-18 Boys 50 Back, 200 Back and 1650 Free, and Rachel Peroni in the 13-14 Girls 200 Back.

Abigail Weis and Matthew Patterson swam their first 1650 free, while Winston Kuriger dropped 153 seconds in his 1650 free. 

The next YMCA meet is the Penguin Plunge on December 15th.

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GCSTO B MEET (11/24/13)

Several Penguin swimmers swam at Columbus Academy on Sunday morning.  The PB leader was Max McAlister with 2 PBs.  Jack Cruise, Kayla Fisher and Kailyn Smith swam their first 200 IM (legally).

The next USA meet is the Katy Callard distance meet at the Worthington High School. 

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LTPY VS HURY (11/23/13)

After our team picture and warm-ups, the Penguins were ready to swim!  There were 203 PBs and 36 PB Sweeps: Katie Bell, Alexis Blosser, Lia Bruncak, Rachel Chen, Katy Colvin, Rebecca Covrett, Alice Crowe, Joel David, David Cruise, Emily Espy, Clare Fenters, Garrett Graybill, Andrew Gehring, Meggie Gehring, Bryce Groppe, Parker Haney, Sarah Haney, Shray Jain, Joseph Johnson, Jet Lopeman, Evan Lindsey, Ella Lowrie, Evan Lowrie, Meara Marker, Jack O’Brien, Meredith McGinty, Amelia Pepe, Nina Racke, Avery Simonds, Ronak Tripathy, Rachael Stoops, Sheetansha Srivastava, Alec Tseng, Anthony Venetta, Rishika Vinaykumar and Alex Wisler.

Rachel Peroni broke her own team record in the 13-14 Girls 200 IM.  Clay Edwardson was the ROO-HA mascot for the day. 

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At Ohio State on Sunday, the Penguins swam 94 PBs in the Thanks for Giving Fall Classic and Food Drive.  Meara Marker was the PB leader with 5 PBs.  She also had a PB Sweep the day before.  Swimmers who also had a PB sweep were Drew Baughman, Maddie Baughman, Nick Sells and Nick Tracewell.

Haley Banner set meet records in the 11-12 Girls 50 and 100 Back.  Rachel Peroni was the high point winner for the 13-14 Girls.  Team records were set by Leona Bently in the 15-18 Girls 1650 Free and Matthew Xin in the 15-18 Boys 100 Breaststroke. 

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Congratulations!  After the long day, the Penguins swam 118 PBs at the EELS Invitational and finished in FIRST PLACE.  PB Sweeps were swum by Emily Espy, Jack McDonnell, Michael Gaier, Hannah Hearn, Jet Lopeman, Charlotte Lorenz, Meara Marker, Turner Schade, Joel David, Ben Reusser, Amelia Wells and Alex Wisler.

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Congratulations Penguins, the team took FIRST PLACE at the Lancaster Invitational this weekend and swam a total of 77 PBs.

The PB leader on Saturday was Will Ave with three PBs.  There was one team record set by Rachel Peroni in the 13-14 Girls 200 IM.  Turner Schade swam the 400 IM for the first time and achieved an AA time.  The 13-14 Girls finished 1-2-3-4 in the 50 free: Rachel Peroni, Sheridan Ave, Haley Banner and Avery Venetta and finished 1-2-3 in the 200 IM: Rachel Peroni, Ally Braun and Sheridan Ave.

There were three PB Sweeps on Sunday: Joseph Hull, Amelia Pepe and Amelia Wells.  PB leaders with three PBs were Noah Crowe, Clay Edwardson, Joseph Hull , Max McAlister, Chris Patterson, Amelia Pepe, Cameron Shively and Megan Sullenberger .

The 9-10 Girls battled the 9-10 Boys in Triple Play swims today!  The BOYS won the first round during the individual 50 free event by a score of 3 to 1.  Triple plays were swum by Clay Edwardson, David Perry, Evan Lowrie and Martina Peroni.  In the second round, the free relays, the girls won:  1 to 0.  Martina Peroni was the only triple play swim out of all 16 swimmers in the 9-10 free relays.  Hopefully, there will be better results in the next meet.
What is the Triple Play?  Swimmers must complete all of the following on a 50 free (individual event or in a relay).   Swimmers age 11 & Older are expected to swim a Triple Play.
1.  Swimmers dive in and cannot breathe until at least the third stroke
2.  After the flipturn, the swimmer cannot breathe until their third stroke (more advanced swimmers should not breathe into the flipturn either).
3.  The swimmer does not breathe the last 5 yards of the race (flag to finish). 

Awards and PB stickers will be distributed this week at practice.

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The Penguins participated in their first USA meet of the season in Worthington over the weekend and swam 69 PBs.  PB Sweeps were earned by Drew Baughman, Maddie Baughman, Evan Lowrie and Ronak Tripathy.  PB leaders were Maddie Baughman (6 PBs), Ronak Tripathy (6 PBs), Ben Kuriger (5 PBs) and Ally Braun (4 PBs). 

New team records were set by Rachel Peroni in the 13-14 Girls 100 Free, 500 Free and 400 IM, and Winston Kuriger in the 15-18 Boys 100 Back.

Congratulations on a DQ-free, exciting meet.

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DQ Details from the 10/12 and 10/13 Meets 


The team added another 131 PBs to the season PB count at the Virtual Meet on Sunday.  Results from this meet will be submitted to YMCA National Swimming and swimmers will compete against other YMCAs around the country.  Those results will be available later in the year.  PB Sweeps were swum by: Ali Caskey, Esha Jain, Justine Kenny, Lauren Klinefelter, Cameron Kuriger, Ella Lowrie, Emma Lucas, Lui Moraes, Victor O'Brien, Chris Patterson, Ronak Tripathy, Abigail Weis and Alex Wisler.  Back-to-back sweeps this weekend were accomplished by Cameron Kuriger, Lauren Klinefelter and Lui Moraes.  All three had a PB Sweep yesterday and another one today.

Rachel Peroni broke her own team record in the 13-14 Girls 200 IM. 

PB stickers will be distributed later this week, however, there will be no ribbons from this meet.

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Top Times (all courses) ... If there is an AA next to event that was swum after 3/1/13, the swimmer is currently eligible for AA Champs in that event.  Any swimmers with three or more AA times will not participate in A Champs as they are ineligible.


At our first home meet of the season versus the Delaware YMCA, the team swam 188 PBs and set two new team records.  Hailey Blythe was the team mascot and ROO-HA leader.  There were 17 PB Sweeps: Regan Blythe, Cassie Coniglio, Joel David, Clay Edwardson, Emma Edwardson, Sofiya Gobora, Parker Haney, Jack Hiltner, Alaina Hudson, Ashwyn Khandewal, Lauren Klinefelter, Arman Lopeman, Annie Lorenz, Lui Moraes, Sam Schrepferman, Chris Tracewell and Rachel Watters.

New team records were set by Rachel Peroni in the 13-14 Girls 100 IM and Leona Bently in the 15-18 Girls 1650 Free.

Congratulations Penguins on a day of great swims.  Thank you parents for all you did to make the meet run smooth which made it a great experience for the swimmers!  Awards and PB Stickers will be in swimmer mailboxes later this week.

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The Penguins participated in the Hilliard Midnight Madness Invitational and swam 49 PBs.  The PB leader for the Penguins was Rachael Stoops with 3 PBs.  Other swimmers earning a PB Sweep were Sofiya Gobora, Lauren Klinefelter, Tyle Krohn, Carson Loughrey, Nick Sells, Rohan Shetty, Emma Lucas, Sam McClements, Jack McDonnell, Osheen Oommen, Anirudh Venkatakrishnan and Rachel Watters.

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The team opened up the 2013-2014 Winter Swim Season with 59 PBs at Lancaster on Saturday.   There were also 9 PB Sweeps: Rebecca Covrett, Abigail Downey, Cameron Kuriger, Isabella Lengal, Charlotte Lorenz, Jenna Lutz, Sam McClements, Kaden Springfield and Rachael Stoops.  (In order to have a PB Sweep, swimmer must earn a PB in all the events they swim if they have a previous time to beat.  If a swimmer PBs as a lead-off in a medley relay and then swims the individual backstroke event, they h