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PB Count to Date: 2,081 (as of 2/8/15)

 TOP TIMES all courses (as of 3/10/15)

TOP TIMES SPREADSHEET yards only (since 3/1/14)




AA CHAMPS (3/6-3/8/15)


Congratulations Penguins on an exciting weekend of outstanding performances and lots of ROO-HA at AA Champs in Canton, OH.  There were approximately 250 PBs and 33 PB Sweeps: Melissa Adamczak, William Ave, Haley Banner, Madelynne Baughman, Liz Bently, Alex Bi, Andrew Blachly, David Blachly, Regan Blythe, Sarah Colvin, Noah Crowe, Kayla Fisher, Meggie Gehring, Kristin Groppe, TJ Harris, Hannah Hearn, Connor Ingram, Harry Jacobsmeyer, Hugh Jacobsmeyer, Joseph Johnson, Annabel Long, Carson Loughly, Jack McDonnell, Luke Nester, Matthew Patterson (6), Mason Reid (6), Kaden Springfield, Tyler Stoltman, Chris Tracewell, Alec Tseng, Lauren Wagner, Amelia Wells and Benton Wishart.

These five Penguin age groups were overall winners in points:

8 & Under Boys
9-10 Boys
11-12 Boys
13-14 Girls
15-18 Girls

Three Penguin swimmers won Top Point Scorer in their age group:

15-18 Girls – Sheridan Ave
11-12 Boys – Fletcher Holquist
9-10 Boys – Evan Lowrie

National Qualifiers
Sheridan Ave swam National times in the 100 and 200 Freestyle, and Haley Banner qualified for Nationals in the 200 Backstroke.  Caroline Racke, Colleen Jaycox, Reilly Haas and Sheridan Ave also qualified for Nationals in the Women’s 200 Free Relay.

19 individual team records and 7 relay team records were broken: 

Haley Banner – 12-14 Girls 200 Back
Sheridan Ave – 15-18 Girls 50, 100 and 200 Free, 50 and 100 Fly
Colleen Jaycox – 15-18 Girls 50 Back
Justine Kenny – 15-18 Girls 100 and 200 Back
Fletcher Holquist – 11-12 Boys 100 Back and 100 IM
Mason Reid – 13-14 Boys 500 Free, 100 and 200 Back
Matthew Xin – 15-18 Boys 50 and 100 Breast
Turner Schade – 15-18 Boys 50 and 100 Fly
Michael Racke – 15-18 Boys 200 IM
15-18  Boys 400 Medley Relay – Mason Reid, Matthew Xin, Turner Schade, Michael Racke
13-14 Boys 200 Free Realay – Luke Jaycox, Mason Reid, John Bently, Ronak Tripathy
11-12 Boys 200 Free Relay – Nick Sells, Isaac Iversen, Dylan Ingram, Fletcher Holquist
8 & Under Boys 100 Medley Relay – Landon Hunter, Alec Tseng, Michael Gaier, Zachary McClements
15-18 Girls 400 Free Relay – Haley Banner, Caroline Racke, Reilly Haas, Sheridan Ave
11-12 Boys 200 Medley Relay – Fletcher Holquist, Isaac Iversen, Nick Sells, Dylan Ingram
15-18 Girls 200 Medley Relay – Justine Kenny, Amanda Springer, Caroline Racke, Sheridan Ave


And thank you parents for all your volunteer efforts at the meet!   The swimmers from all the teams could not have done it without you!

PB Results

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The snowy weekend weather in Ohio continued yesterday, but we got through another Big Little meet!   It was a great meet with lots of PBs and firsts!   Luke Racke and August Jacobsmeyer swam their first AA time, Rachel Watters and Katie Amrine broke 30 in the 50 free, Emma Hiltner went sub 6 in the 500 free, Johnny Bently broke 2 minutes in the 200 Free, and Hailey Blythe and Lauren Perry broke a minute in the 100 Free.  Jack Hiltner dropped another 35 seconds in his 1000 Free -- Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner this is one of his Champs events!   AND Amanda Springer and Lauren Klinefelter swam their first individual Zone time.

Earning PB Sweeps were Johnny Bently, Liz Bently, David Blachly, Ali Caskey, Landon Hunter, Harry Jacobsmeyer, Kirin Loughrey, Jenna Lutz, Meara Marker, Amanda Springer, Megan Sullenberger, Rachel Watters, Alex Wisler and Matthew Xin.

Other Zone swims on the day were Nick Sells in the 200 Free, and Isaac Iversen in the 50 Free and 100 IM.  We now have a record number of swimmers who have qualified for Zones in at least one individual event: 25 swimmers!   Hopefully, we'll add more to this list plus there are many more swimmers who will participate on a Zone relay. 

CONGRATS to these Penguin swimmers who participated in the High School State Meet in Canton, Ohio this past weekend and many also swam yesterday at Kenyon: Sheridan Ave (Village Academy), Colleen Jaycox (Buckeye Valley), Caroline Racke, Reilly Haas, Turner Schade and Michael Racke (Liberty Patriots).
And finally, we WON the Big Little meet with 1,655 points.  Hilliard was 2nd with 1,353 points and Lancaster was third with 1,327.5 points.  Evan Lowrie was high point winner for the 9-10 Boys, Emily Espy high point for 11-12 Girls and Haley Banner for 13-14 Girls.


Congratulations Penguins on great swimming!

PB Results


A CHAMPS (2/22/15)

The team swam 118 PBs and there were 13 PB Sweeps at Grove City A Champs.  PB Sweeps: Katie Bell, Andrew Blachly, Austin Chen, Emma Edwardson, Meggie Gehring, Harry Jacobsmeyer, Jack McDonnell, Sahana Mehta, Megan Miller, Amelia Nester, Amelia Pepe, Collin Singer and Curtis Zhi.

PB Results

SENIOR MEET (2/23/15)

PB Results


PB Results


At Columbus Academy over the weekend, the Penguins were on fire with 118 PBs.  Max McAlister was the PB Sweep leader with 8 PBs.   Andrew Gehring (3), Lauren Klinefelter (3),  and Rachael Stoops (3) also had PB Sweeps on Saturday.  Other PB leaders over the weekend were Alice Crowe with 6 PBs,  Jack McDonnell and Matthew Patterson with 5 PBs, and Olivia Ave, Johnny Bently, Liz Bently, Lydia Colvin and Isaac Iversen with 4 PBs.  Several Penguin swimmers swam Junior Olympic qualifying times and Fletcher Holquist set three more team records: 11-12 Boys 100 Free, 50 Back and 100 IM.   Great Job Penguins!

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The team competed at Keating Natatorium in Cincinnati on Friday and Saturday, and swam 29 PBs.  The lone PB Sweep was earned by Meara Marker (3 PBs) and the PB Leader was Fletcher Holquist with 4 PBs.  Fletcher set two team records: 11-12 Boys 50 Fly and 200 Free.  Advancing to Finals on Saturday were Kaden Springfield, David Perry, Haley Banner and Fletcher.

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FROSTY FUN "B" MEET (2/1/15)

The swimmers competed at the Columbus School for Girls in Bexley on Sunday morning and swam 33 PBs.  Four PB Sweeps were earned by Noah Crowe, Andrew Gehring, Kailyn Smith and Gavin Weis.

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1000TH PB PARTY - February 2, 2015



The Penguins participated in the Orange Crush at Delaware on Sunday and added another 110 PBs to the weekend PB total.  Ten swimmers had a PB Sweep: Katie Amrine, Andy Blachly, David Blachly, Meggie Gehring, Joseph Johnson, Annabel Long, Meredith McGinty, Luke Racke, Avery Simonds and Megan Sullenberger.

Tyler Stoltman and Isaac Wolfe earned their first AA time of the season.

Alec Tseng established a team record in the 8 & Under Boys 200 Breaststroke.

Great Job Penguins!

The host team will drop off the awards at the YMCA.  PARENTS:  If you notice a bag on top of the mailboxes at any time, it’s probably a bag of awards.  Anyone is invited to put the awards in the swimmer mailbox folders.  

See below for Coach Logan's birthday pics!

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OSSC IMX (1/24-1/25/15)

The team swam 107 PBs over the weekend at the OSSC IMX meet at Ohio State.  72% of the swims were a PB with total improvement of 622 seconds.  PB Sweeps were swum by Lydia Colvin (5), Noah Crowe (5), Maya Daniel (2), Fletcher Holquist (5), Evan Lowrie (5), Meara Marker (5) and Nick Sells (5).

Four team records were set: Haley Banner, 13-14 Girls 200 Back and Fletcher Holquist in the 11-12 Boys 100 Back, 100 Fly and 200 IM.

In the IMX Standings, top 10 finishers for the Penguins were:
1st – Fletcher Holquist – 12 Year Old Boys
3rd – Maya Daniel – 9 Year Old Girls
5th – Evan Lowrie – 10 Year Old Boys
6th – Leona Bently – 15-18 Girls
7th – Max McAlister – 11 Year Old Boys
8th – Dylan Ingram – 12 Year Old Boys

Congratulations swimmers on a weekend of great swims!

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Happy 25th Birthday to Coach Logan!



The Penguins swam 175 PBs at Sunday’s makeup meet with Mt. Verson and Hilltop.  There were 31 PB Sweeps: Maria Bell, Sahana Bettada, Alex Bi, Rebecca Covrett, Jack Cruise, Maya Daniel, Abigail Downey, Kayla Fisher, Layla Fogelman, Landon Hunter, Joseph Johnson, Tyler Krohn, Anna Liedtke, Jenna Lutz, Natalie Madsen, Max McAlister, Samuel McClements, Jack McDonell, Sahujj Mehta, David Perry, Mia Provenzano, Luke Racke, Michael Segreto, Kaden Springfield, Pavan Thota, Gavin Weis, Amelia Wells, Benton Wishert, Alex Wisler and Isaac Wolfe.

Four Penguin swimmers swam a Zone qualifying time: Rachel Chen, 10 & Un Girls 50 Back, Isaac Iverson, 11-12 Boys 100 Breast, Evan Lowrie, 10 & Un Boys 50 Back and Nick Sells, 11-12 Boys 50 Fly.

There were two new team records, Kayla Fisher in the 9-10 Girls 200 Fly and Emily Espy in the 11-12 Girls 1650 Free.

Today’s ROO-HA mascot was Tori Edwardson.

Congratulations Penguins on an exciting day of swimming!

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See above for the following updates: Team Records, AA Qualifiers, Top Times, Zone Qualifers in Individual Events



HILLIARD, OH - LTPY vs HURY and CYNW (1/3/15)

The Penguins swam 133 PBs and there were 19 PB Sweeps: Alex Bi, Rachael Chen, Jack Cruise, Tori Edwardson, Kristen Groppe, Madison Groppe, Megan Hathaway, Landon Hunter, Dylan Ingram, Ada Jacobsmeyer, Kelly Knight, Laura Klinefelter, Cleo Melvin, Michael Segreto, Kailyn Smith, Rachael Stoops, Pavan Thota, Amelia Wells and Ian Wishart.

And there's a first for everything ... the 9-10 Girls Medley Relay got involved in an unexpected game of basketball!

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INDIANPOLIS, IN - 2015 Mid-States 14 and Under All-Star Champs (1/3 and 1/4/15)

Haley Banner, Kayla Fisher and Fletcher Holquist competed for Team Ohio over the weekend.  The swimmers swam 8 PBs and Fletcher had a PB Sweep with 6 PBs.  Fletcher also finished 2nd in the 11-12 Boys 50 Backstroke.

Team Indiana won the meet, Team Ohio was second and the Michigan Zone Team, Missouri Valley Swimming and Team Kentucky rounded out the competition.

All three swimmers also competed on Team Ohio Medley and Free Relays.

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KETTERING, OH - KCST Bischoff Medals Meet (1/4/15)

The Penguins competed at the Kettering Recreation Center and swam 37 PBs.  Ellie Amrine had a PB Sweep, and Lydia Colvin, Alice Crowe, Kristin Groppe and Jack Hiltner also swam three PBs.

PB Results


Penguins pictured before the start of warmups.



GCSTO HOLIDAY CHEER MEET (12/19 & 12/21/14)

The Penguins swam 33 PBs at the GCST Holiday Cheer Meet on Friday, December 19th and Sunday, December 21st.  Dylan Ingram was the PB Leader with a 3 PB Sweep.   Swimming distance events for the first time were Ellie Amrine (8 & Under 200 Free), Regan Blythe, Kayla Fisher, Evan Lowrie and Chris Patterson (10 & Under 500 Free).

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The 9th Annual Penguin Plunge hosted 11 other teams and the Jerry L Garver EELS won the high point team award! 

The Penguins swam an amazing 232 PBs and there were 38 PB Sweeps:  Hummza Ali, Will Ave, Drew Baughman, Ava Bennett, Sahana Bettada, Any Blachly, David Blachly, Carly Budreau, Kyndall Caffey, Mia Carberry, Ali Caskey, Jack Cruise, Aditya Das, Michael Gaier, Meggie Gehring, Maggie Green, Madison Groppe, Connor Ingram, Sierra Kirby, Tyler Krohn, Annabel Long, Betsy Lorenz, Lauren Malerich, Zachary McClements, Jack McDonnell, Sahana Mehta, Sahuj Mehta, Megan Miller, Luke Nester, Elle O’Brien, Matthew Patterson, Kailyn Smith, Megan Sullenberger, Alec Tseng, Rishika Vinaykumar, Lauren Wagner, Jack Watson and Isaac Wolfe.   Special congrats to Will Ave, Drew  Baughman, Ali Caskey and Tyler Krohn for “4” PBs on their sweep!

Penguin swimmers who won the age group high point award were:
Lauren Malerich – 6 & Under Girls
Kayla Fisher – 9-10 Girls
Fletcher Holquist – 11-12 Boys
Haley Banner – 13-14 Girls
Leona Bently – 15 & Over Girls

THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all the Penguin parents, families, swimmers, coaches and friends who planned, recruited, donated, sponsored and volunteered to make the Plunge another great success!

E-mail Coach Chris if you suspect an error.

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Thank you to this crew for the Plunge spirit!



17 Penguins competed at the Licking County Family YMCA in a tri-meet and swam 16 PBs.  The lone PB sweep was earned by Dylan Ingram. 

PB Results



The Penguins swam 60 PBs at the Shark Shark Invitational at Cleveland State University over the weekend.  The PB leader was Fletcher Holquist with 8 PBs.  He also set team records in the 11-12 Boys 50 Back and 100 Fly.  PB Sweeps were earned by Kristin Groppe (4) and Kailyn Smith (6).  Other PB leaders were Kayla Fisher (6), Kaden Springield (5) and Michael Gaier (5). 

First Place Finishers at the meet were the 10 & Under Boys Free Relay of David Perry, Clay Edwardson, Kaden Springfield, Evan Lowrie and Fletcher Holquist in the 11-12 Boys 50 and 100 Fly.   The team had a great showing -- finishing in 11th place among many other larger teams.  Only 20 Penguin swimmers competed in the meet.  Congratulations Penguins!

TEAM SCORES             
  1. Lake Erie Silver Dolphin            886                  2. Ridgewood YMCA Dolphins           578.5
  3. Great Lakes Sailfish Swimming       547         4. United Swim Association             521
  5. SwimStrong                          373                          6. Shaker Sharks                       355
  7. New Albany Aquatics Club          299.5             8. Hudson Explorer Aquatic Team        299
  9. Lake Shore Swim Club              279.5            10. Cuyahoga Falls Riverfront YMCA      249
11. Liberty Twp-Powell YMCA             239           12. Solon Stars Swim Club               236
13. Upper Arlington Swim Club           206           14. Fox Chapel Killer Whales            123
15. North East Ohio Nemesis            96.5            16. Titan Swim Team                      80
17. Canton City Schools                  72                   18. Warren Harding Aquatics Team         61
19. Firestone Akron Swim Team            50           20. Copley Water Warriors                44
21. Cle Swimming                         41                       22. Youngstown Y-Neptunes                37
23. Peters Township Swim Club            36           23. Unattached - Lake Erie               36
23. Medina Recreation Swim Team          36        26. Piranha Aquatics                     22
27. University Swim Club                 15                    28. Penguin Swimming                     12
29. Geauga Otters                        11                         30. Beachwood Olmsted Sr Swimming         8
31. Hubbard Swim Club                     1

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The Penguins competed at the University of Toledo on Sunday and swam 28 PBs.   Max McAlister was the PB leader with 4 PBs and the only sweep on the day.  Michael Gaier and Matthew Patterson each swam 3 PBs.  Emily Espy swam a Zone time in the 11-12 Girls 100 Fly.

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It was Penguin weather on day one of the High Voltage Invitational at Urbancrest and after the two day meet, the team swam 67 PBs and there were 10 PB Sweeps: Johnny Bently, Julia Bently, Kyndall Caffey, Parker Haney, Sarah Haney, Landon Hunter, Kirin Loughrey, Jack McDonnell, Nick Sells and Alex Wisler.  Sheridan Ave and Nick Sells took first in all their individual events. 

Awards will be distributed when received.

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MARK J BRAUN FALL CLASSIC (11/22-11/23/14)

The Penguins were among the 60 teams that participated in the Mark J Braun Fall Classic at SPIRE in Geneva, OH over the weekend.  Ten Penguin swimmers swam 13 PBs and the PB leader was Fletcher Holquist with 7 PBs.  Emily Espy, Regan Blythe and Matthew Xin also swam PBs.  Fletcher also set team records in the 11-12 Boys 50 and 100 Back.  Qualifying and competing in Finals on Saturday night were Emily Espy, Kayla Fisher and Fletcher Holquist.

Top Finishers for the Penguins were:

  • First - Fletcher Holquist, 11-12 Boys 100 Fly
  • Second - Fletcher Holquist, 11-12 Boys 200 Free
  • Third - Kayla Fisher, 10 & Un Girls 50 Fly; Fletcher Holquist, 11-12 Boys 100 Free and 50 Back
  • Fourth - Emily Espy, 11-12 Girls 50 Back
  • Fifth - Fletcher Holquist, 11-12 Boys 100 IM and 50 Free

The next USA meet is the GTAC DiSalle Turkey Meet at the University of Toledo on November 30th.

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The team participated in the Ohio State Swim Club's Thanks for Giving meet on Sunday and finished FIFTH out of 16 teams in points and also FIFTH in donations of items for the food drive competition.  Total donations for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank was 10,710 items.  Thank you Penguins for bringing your donations.

It was also a day of fast swimming as the Penguins swam 136 PBs and 10 Penguins had a PB Sweep: Olivia Ave, Maddy Baughman, Johnny Bently, Regan Blythe, Lydia Colvin, Jack Hiltner, Fletcher Holquist, Jack McDonnell, Kaden Springfield and Andrew Gehring.  Olivia, Johnny and Regan's sweeps were extra-special because they also had a sweep the day before at our home meet -- tough to do!!  Other Penguins with 4 PBs at the meet were Allison Kenny, Nicole Kenny, Chris Patterson, Matthew Patterson and Amelia Pepe.

Fletcher Holquist was awarded a First Place Plaque for 11-12 Boys High Point winner.

The team is now just 120 PBs away from the 1,000th PB.

The next USA meet is the Mark J. Braun meet at Spire in Geneva.

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Individual Scores



The Penguins swam 193 PBs at today's home meet versus the Waves.  More than 50% of all swims eligible were a PB ... and we're now less than 250 PBs from the 1000th PB!  There were 29 PB Sweeps by swimmers who competed in three events today: Ellie Amrine, Olivia Ave, Drew Baughman, Katie Bell, Johnny Bently, Andy Blachly, David Blachly, Regan Blythe, David Cruise, Jack Cruise, Emma Edwardson, Emma Feemen, Garrett Graybill, TJ Harris, Landon Hunter, Joseph Johnson, Justine Kenny, Kelly Knight, Claire Kroeger, Madison Lapid, Izzy Lengal, Annabel Long, Betsy Lorenz, Ella Lowrie, Evan Lowrie, Avery Simonds, Rachel Watters, Ian Wishart and Isaac Wolfe.

Mason Reid set a new team record in the 13-14 Boys 1650 Free on the last event of the day.

Annabel Long was the ROO-HA team mascot at today's meet.

The Penguins will participate in the EELS High Voltage Invitational next weekend.

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The team swam 83 PBs and finished in 2nd Place at the two-day Lancaster Invitational this past weekend (as Lancaster is not eligible for team awards).  PB Sweep swimmers were Mia Carberry, Ross McCloskey and Myah McConnell, and the following swimmers (all boys) each had 3 PBs: Aiden Gaier, Fletcher Holquist, Connor Ingram, Isaac Iversen, Evan Lowrie, Max McAlister and Collin Singer.  

Michael Gaier tied for 1st Place in the 7-8 Boys as Top Point Scorer.  Other top point scorers by age group were: Annabel Long was 3rd for 7 -8 Girls, Evan Lowrie was 2nd for 9-10 Boys, Emily Espy was 3rd for 11-12 Girls, Fletcher Holquist was 2nd for 11-12 Boys and Haley Banner was 3rd for 13-14 Girls.

There were a number of swimmers who swam a new event for the first time: Leah Amarosa (1000 Free), Sahana Bettada (50 Back), Carley Budreu (50 Breast), Kyndall Caffey (200 Free), Mia Carberry (100 Free and 50 Back), Andrew Gehring and Jack McDonnell (500 Free), Reilly Haas (400 IM), Annabel Long (100 IM), Jenna Lutz (100 Breast), Siena Madsen (100 Back), Myah McConnell (50 Fly and 50 Back), Victor O'Brien (50 Fly), Matthew Patterson (200 Breast), Avery Simonds (100 Breast), Collin Singer (100 Back), Kaden Springfield (100 Fly) and Alec Tseng (100 Breast).

Great Job Penguins and to the 10 & Under swimmers for an awesome ROO-HA on Sunday!!

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VIRTUAL MEET (10/26/14)

The team swam 162 PBs in the YMCA Virtual Meet and 25 swimmers had a PB Sweep: Ellie Amrine, Drew Baughman, Maddie Baughman, Julia Bently, Alex Bi, Regan Blythe, Kyndall Caffey, Ananya Das, Meggie Gehring, Garrett Graybill, TJ Harris, Landon Hunter, Hugh Jacobsmeyer, Luke Jaycox, Joseph Johnson, Annabel Long, Ella Lowrie, Ross McCloskey, Jack McDonnell, Meghan Miller, Victor O'Brien, Mia Provenzano, Avery Simonds, Kaden Springfield and Alec Tseng.

YMCA Virtual Meet Information

What's Next? The team will participate in the Lancaster Invitational on November 1st and 2nd.

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The Penguins swam 69 PBs at the Worthington pool and six swimmers swam a PB Sweep: Michael Gaier, Kristin Groppe, Jack Hiltner, Jenna Lutz, Nick Sells and Ronak Tripathy.  Michael, Jack and Ronak were the PB leaders on the day with 4 PBs.

The next USA meet is the Thanks for Giving Meet at Ohio State.

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The team swam 44 PBs in the Hilliard Midnight Madness Invitational that included a number of fun relays and individual events.  Four swimmers had a PB Sweep: David Blachley, Michael Gaier, Andrew Gehring and Garrett Graybill.

PB Results



LTPY VS DRY (10/4/14)

After the team picture, the Penguins warmed up and swam their first home meet of the season versus the Delaware Riptide.  The team swam 144 PBs (personal best times).  Fletcher Holquist was the PB leader on the day with 4 PBs and a PB Sweep, and 20 other team members also had a PB Sweep: Katie Amrine, Drew Baughman, Maddie Baughman, Ava Bennett, Aiden Gaier, Michael Gaier, Andrew Gehring, Bryce Groppe,  Amalia Herzog, Fletcher Holquist, Marshall Knight, Carson Loughrey, Max McAlister, Molly McGinty, Simran Oberoi, Nina Racke, Amanda Springer, Kaden Springfield, Ananth Tamarapoo, Rachel Watters and Alex Wisler.

Ellie Amrine was the ROO-HA team mascot.  Swimmers can sign up to be the team mascot at each of our home meets and the Penguin Plunge. 

Other highlights: Leah Amarosa, Hailey Blythe and Emily Espy (AA time) swam the 400 IM for the first time; Regan Blythe swam the 200 IM for the first time; Betsy Lorenz, Collin Singer and William Malerich swam their first 100 free; Avery Simonds, Andy Blachly, Anna Liedtke and Anthony Herzog swam their first 200 free; Austin Smith swam his first 100 IM; Kailyn Smith swam her first 100 fly in an AA time; Fletcher Holquist swam Zone times in all three of his events: 100 Free, 100 IM and 50 Free; and Andrew Gehring swam his first 100 back in an AA time.

Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to run a smooth meet and kept our streak alive: finishing ahead of the projected timeline!!!

The Penguins will participate in the Midnight Madness Invitational at Hilliard on October 11th.

If you suspect an error, please e-mail Coach Chris.

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Top Times by Swimmer since 1/1/13

AA Qualifying Times (swimmers achieving at least one AA time will attend AA Championships in Canton, OH)



LTPY VS LYST (9/27/14)

The Penguins opened the 2014-2015 season in Lanaster versus the Stingrays.  The team swam 59 PBs in the home opener and the first PB of the season was swum by Regan Blythe in the lead-off backstroke in the Girls 9-10 200 Yard Medley Relay.  Regan swam three PBs on the day.  PB Sweeps were swum by Kyndall Caffey, Maya Daniel, Carson Loughrey, Kailyn Smith, Kaden Springfield and Alex Wisler.

The Penguins home opener is Saturday, October 4th versus the Delaware Riptides. 

Meet ribbons, PB tabs and PB stickers will be distributed shortly.  There were several disqualifications, but the host team did not provide details.  Most were one hand touches in breaststroke or butterly, and backstrokers turning over before the turn or finish, or delay in initiating the backstroke flipturn.

PB Results



PB Count to Date:  1,135 (as of 8/2/14)

Short Course Team Records as of 7/13

Long Course Team Records as of 8/1

Top Times for All Swimmers as of 8/2


2014 Central Zone 14 & Under Championship (8/1-8/3/14)

Kayla Fisher and Haley Banner represented Team Ohio at the Spire Institute in Geneva, Ohio over the weekend.   Kayla swam the 10 & Under Girls 50 Butterfly and Haley swam on the 13-14 Girls Medley Relay and in the individual 100 Backstroke.  Team Ohio competed against the Illinois Swimming Zone Team, Michigan Zone Team, Team Indiana and Lake Erie Swimming Zone Team.  USA swimmers that achieve an AAA time may participate in the USA Zone meets.


YMCA Long Course National Championship (7/28-8/1/14)

There were 138 YMCA teams and 1,298 swimmers that participated in Summer Nationals in Indianapois this past week.   Christmas in July was the theme and our National team included Caroline Racke, Matthew Xin, Emily Espy, Haley Banner, Justine Kenny, Leona Bently, Sheridan Ave and Colleen Jaycox.  The team swam 9 PBs and the PB leader was Justine Kenny with 3 PBs.  All members of the 200 Free Relay (Emily Espy, Haley Banner, Leona Bently, Sheridan Ave) swam a personal best time and just missed setting a new team record.   Caroline Racke dropped 2.77 seconds in the 50 Meter Fly and finished 66th out of 123 swimmers.  Six team records were set during the week:  Haley Banner (13-14 Girls 100 Back); Leona Bently (15-18 Girls 400 Free); Justine Kenny (15-18 Girls 50 and 100 Back); Caroline Racke (15-18 Girls 50 Fly) and the 200 Meter Medley Relay (Justine Kenny, Colleen Jaycox, Sheridan Ave and Caroline Racke). 

Congratulations Penguins National Team and to the Countryside YMCA Torpedos (from Southwest Ohio) who won the Long Course Championship!  

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Penguins caught on camera at Nationals  


More Penguins at Nationals


Ohio Senior Long Course Championships (7/25-7/27/14)

Senior Penguins competed at Kenyon College and swam 28 PBs.  Sydney Weis was the PB leader with 6 PBs and a sweep.  Other PB leaders were Nicole Kenny, Michael Racke and Colleen Jaycox with 4 PBs.  Caroline Racke had a sweep with 3 PBs and Leona Bently also swam 3 PBs.  Caroline Racke and Sheridan Ave qualfied for YMCA Nationals in the 50 Free and 100 Free respectively.

The swimmers set five (5) individual team records: Caroline Racke (15-18 Girls 50 Free); Sheridan Ave (15-18 Girls 100 Free): Leona Bently (15-18 Girls 400 Free; Colleen Jaycox (15-18 Girls 200 and 400 IM); and three (3) relay team records: 15-18 Girls 400 Medley Relay (Colleen Jaycox, Leona Bently, Caroline Racke,Sydney Weis); 15-18 Mixed 200 Free Relay (Michael Racke, Leona Bently, Matthew Xin, Caroline Racke); and 15-18 200 Mixed Medley Relay (Justine Kenny, Matthew Xin, Sheridan Ave, Michael Racke).

Congratulations Senior Swimmers!

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Ohio Long Course Junior Olympics (7/18-7/20/14)

Sixteen Penguin swimmers participated in the Ohio Long Course Junior Olympics at Miami University over the weekend.    The team swam 25 PBs and PB leaders were Emily Espy (6), Lauren Perry (5) and Evan Lowrie (5). 

Top Finishers for the Penguins were the 10 & Under Boys 200 Meter Free Relay (Gavin Weis, Max McAlister, David Perry and Evan Lowrie) who finished 11th; Kayla Fisher was 11th in the 10 & Under Girls 100 Fly and 15th in the 50 Meter Fly; .Emily Espy finished 13th in the 11-12 Girls 50 Meter Free and 16th in the 200 Meter Free; Lauren Perry placed 16th in the 11-12 Girls 100 Back; 11-12 Girls 200 and 400 Meter Free Relays (Emily Espy, Laura Loughlin, Sofiya Gobora and Lauren Perry) finished 18th; and 10 & Under Boys 200 Meter Medley Relay (Weis, McAlister, Perry, Lowrie) placed 16th.

There were many highlights over the weekend including outstanding relay peformances that set 5 new team records:  10 & Under Boys 200 Meter Medley and Free Relays: David Perry, Evan Lowrie, Max McAlister and Gavin Weis; 11-12 Girls 200 and 400 Meter Free Relays: Lauren Perry, Sofiya Gobora, Laura Loughlin and Emily Espy; and the 11-12 Boys 200 Meter Free Relay: Luke Nester, Chris Tracewell, Dylan Ingram and Nick Sells.   Gavin Weis participated in his first long meet at JOs and nearly made Finals in the 10 & Under Boys 50 Meter Free.

Mason Reid broke the 13-14 Boys 100 Meter Free record that was set back in 2009 and he broke his own record in the 200 Meter Backstroke.

Great Job Penguins!

PB Results

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SEOWV Summer League Championships (7/12-7/13/14)

Congratulations Penguins on winning your 11th consecutive Summer League Championship at Denison University this past weekend.  The team competed against 16 other YMCA teams in the Southeast Ohio West Virginia Swim League.  Champs PBs totaled 230 which took us over 1000 PBs for the summer season.  There were 22 sweeps: Srivarshini Achanta, Melissa Adamczak, Ava Bennett, Tyler Bluvol, Anna Bohrer, Ali Caskey, Andrew Gehring, Harry Jacobsmeyer, Hugh Jacobsmeyer, Sierra Kirby, Isabella Lengal, Anna Liedtke, Betsy Lorenz, Kirin Loughrey, Cleo Melvin, Ella Moran, Lauren Perry, Kaden Springfield, Kate Sullenberger, Christopher Tracewell, Rachel Watters and Isaac Wolfe.

The team won SEVEN of the Team Age Group High Point awards: 8 & Under Boys, 9-10 Girls, 9-10 Boys, 11-12 Girls, 11-12 Boys, 13-14 Girls and 15-18 Girls. 

Team Records were set by Leona Bently in the 15-18 Girls 1650 Free and Sheridan Ave in the 15-18 Girls 50 Fly. 

Leona Bently and Justine Kenny tied for the 15-18 Girls High Point Award.

There were so many highlights during the meet and here are just a few:

  • Sydney Weis and Luke Jaycox breaking a minute in the 100 Free for the first time!
  • One-Two finish of the 11-12 Boys 200 Medley and Free Relays
  • Meara Marker goes sub 30 on the 50 free for the first time.
  • Sunday’s Dance-Off between several teams when there was a weather delay!  Cheers to Anirudh and Isaac for their dance moves.
  • Laura Loughlin’s smooth 200 Fly and dropping 10 seconds.
  • Betsy Lorenz drops 29 seconds in her 50 Free.
  • Cheesecake anyone?

Thank you to all our parents that volunteered at Champs.

Upcoming meets include Junior Olympics at Miami University, Senior Championhips at Kenyon College and YMCA Long Course Nationals the Indiana University Natatorium on the campus of IUPUI  Good Luck 'Guins!

The Summer Swim Team Banquet is Thursday, July 24th.

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