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Please see the instructions below to register your swimmer(s) in Team Unify.  This is the ONLY way to sign up for meets.  Please read through the instructions carefully!   We will also be using Team Unify to sign up to volunteer at meets.

WEBSITE:  www.teamunify.com/Home.jsp?team=ymca-4954  If new to TeamUnify, click on Start Registration tab and follow prompts.

There's also a general how to  video designed for new families here:  https://teamunify.wistia.com/medias/kzty4ybv1m  (The video looks a bit different because of the branding and colors used but it's helpful in general.)

- Parents / guardians must pick a single primary point of contact who will be responsible for the entire season for the swimmer's meet registration and payment of any meet fees and be the primary account holder. This is a current limitation of Team Unify is that only one parent/guardian account can exist per swimmer.

(*) Because of a current system limitation, a swimmer can only be attached to a single account (cannot be shared by multiple accounts).  If sharing is required based on the situation, the recommendation is the parent/guardian creates a new, unique e-mail account used by more than one parent/guardian.

- Team Unify will send a verification e-mail to the e-mail on record to make sure they are valid.  The e-mails setup on the account should be e-mails that are frequently checked because all communications will go to that e-mail, including any invoices and meet alerts.

- Parents / guardians can enter multiple e-mails to receive communications from the system, but only one primary account can be used to manage the swimmers and the meet registrations.

- For volunteer job signup purposes, each volunteer is encouraged to create his/her own account in the system, although only one account can be used for the purpose of job signup.  This will ensure that the job reminders will go to the individual e-mail of the volunteer, not just the primary account.   The primary account (the one used for swimmer registration and meet sign ups) can also be used for multiple volunteer job signups, however notifications and reminders will only go to the one e-mail account and/or cell phone on file.

- Team Unify facilitates automatic online payment of meet fees only if a credit card is registered on the account.  This avoids having to manually pay online.  Parents / guardians are encouraged to setup their account for automatic payments to avoid any delays in meet registrations, as meet registration is not possible if there is a balance on the account older than 30 days.

(*) Meet fees are billed the 1st of every month and the credit card must be valid.  Swimmers will not be able to sign up for a meet if there's a balance more than one month old.  Only invitationals and championship meets carry a fee, as well as some USA meets.  However the ability to sign up is based on not having a balance, even if the meet being signed up for has no fees.

- Team Unify will process payments once a month, on the first business day of each month.

- To view current account balance, charges and payments, or to make a manual payment, parents/guardians can go to the My Accounts tab on the left and select $My Invoices/Payments in the menu and then select "make payment" and provide the payment information.  Checks are not accepted nor are walk-in front desk payments at the YMCA.

For those of you that have already registered through TeamUnify, the link directly to the portal is:  teamunify.com/Home.jsp?team=ymca-4954

Account verification:

Once you are registered with TU, check your account page "my account", and update if needed your physical address and phone number information.   You can also enter a mobile phone # for SMS text messages from the system.  TU also supports multiple e-mail addresses so be sure to update those as well.  Also ensure your swimmer(s) are visible from the members tab in your account info page.  If they are not, you will not be able to sign them up for any events.

To sign up for the meet:

First, ensure your account and swimmer information is correct from the "my account" page.

Go to the Events tab, select the meet.  To register a swimmer, click on the "edit commitments" button. 

To Volunteer for the meet:

Go to the Events tab, click on the "edit job signup" button and sign up for an available slot.

You will get a confirmation of registration of swimmers and/or volunteer positions via e-mail from the portal.

(*) OnDeck is really not used by the team because meet results and events are usually not populated in Team Unify.

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