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Getting Ready and Warming-up


Getting Ready For Practice

  • Arrive at practice 15 minutes early.  This is time to prepare for swim practice. This time is just as important as the time spent in the water.
  • Place your swim bag by the wall behind the slide or in a locked locker.  Do not leave your bag in the middle of the walkway.
  • Get your cap and goggles on.
  • Use the restroom, rinse off in the shower, and fill your water bottle.
  • Begin stretching AS A GROUP 10 minutes before practice time.
  • When practice time begins go to blocks with all your equipment (kickboard, pull buoys, water bottles, etc..)

Make Every Practice Count

  • Always swim with good technique.  Swimming with bad technique makes your body work harder and can lead to injury.
  • Always do streamlines and flipturns.  Practicing your streamlines and flipturns at every wall is an easy way to improve.
  • Always give your best effort.  Sometimes practices will be hard but you should never give up.
  • Always take your time during drills.  Doing drills correctly is more important than doing them quickly.

Pool Manners

  • Listen to coaches when they are talking.  That means keeping your ears above the water and your eyes on the coach.
  • Respect your teammates during practice.  Fighting, name calling, bullying, and bragging are not acceptable at any time.
  • Don't worry about who is first.  The fastest person should lead the lane.  If someone is swimming faster than you then let them go ahead.
  • If you are swimming close behind someone, gently tap their feet to let them know you are there.  DO NOT pull on or scratch another swimmer's feet or legs.
  • Leave as much room as possible on the wall for all swimmers to finish at the end of a set.
  • Watch the clock and leave five seconds after the swimmer in front of you.  If you cannot read the clock then count slowly to five. (one-mississippi, two-mississippi...)