Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling classes are FREE for Y members! Indoor cycling is a group exercise class performed on stationary bikes. During the class, the instructor simulates hill-climbing, sprints, and races. It is truly a fantastic cardiovascular workout. You will be kept motivated by the instructor, the people around you, and the music. Get prepared for the workout of your life! Water and towels are a must!

Indoor Cycling Classes include

Cycling: This class is a great cardiovascular workout. Pedal through hill climbs, sprints, and many other challenging drills and exercises. All levels are welcome. Schedules

Break It Up Cycling: An interval training workout. This class takes you on a great ride and adds strength endurance moves for upper and lower body. Schedules

Beginner Cycling: Beginner Cycling class is an instructor-led cycling adventure designed to get your heart pumping, but for half the time as regular Y Cycling classes. Schedules

Cycling & Pilates: Give a great spin to your workout as our instructors lead you through a safe and invigorating indoor cycling experience. Optimize your body awareness & good posture and alignment while increasing core strength, flexibility and agility. Schedules

Indoor Cycling at the YMCA